Chubby Curls Super-Hydrating, Heavenly-Smelling Hair Butter is the ULTIMATE MOISTURIZER for Your Kinks and Curls!


We call Chubby Curls the Superfood for any hairstyle!

Transform your Twist Outs, Bantu Knots, Wash-n-Go's, Roller Sets, and any other style just by adding Cubby Curls to your normal hair routine.

Having healthy, hydrated hair just got easier.

NO Mineral Oil - NO Petroleum

NO Alcohol - NO Silicone...


The  Girl  in  Green

Chubby Curls She-EO


The  Girl  in  Green

Based in the Mile-High city of Denver, Colorado, I created Chubby Curls to keep my hair hydrated after moving here from Miami, Florida (talk about a shock to the system). In this dry climate, it's necessary to follow a hair care regimen that includes regular deep conditioning and minimal use of hot tools.


I used to be a product junkie, but after trying dozens of different creams, butters and gels, I never found that 'must-have' - so I created one! Chubby Curls' all-natural ingredients hydrate, define curls and leave hair feeling soft and moisturized - without leaving it greasy.


Did I mention that it smells AWESOME! On freshly washed or damp hair, apply as your moisturizer and style. Chubby Curls is great for: Wash 'n Gos • Twist Outs • Braid Outs • Bantu Knots • Perm Rods (pictured here) Curl Formers • Flexi Rods. Questions? Come on over to the 'Contact' page, I can't wait to hear from you!

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Chubby Curls Super-Hydrating, Heavenly-smelling Hair Butters are the ultimate moisturizers for Your Kinks and Curls! Transform your Twist Outs, Bantu Knots, Wash-n-Go's, Roller Sets, and any other style just by adding Chubby Curls to your normal hair routine.


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